Expecting a Baby? What Furniture You Must Have in Your Bedroom

There is nothing in this world that compares to the first time you hold your baby. People call giving birth a miracle, and it most definitely is, but there is more than one side to this story. A recent study showed that pregnancy could be the worst best experience you could ever go through in your entire life. Regardless of the excitement that fills every expectant mom for 9 months, pregnancy comes with a lot of discomfort, pain, and sleepless nights. You will notice a lot of changes in your body from swollen joints, expanding belly, weight gain. Some of the changes are not as visible physically such as backache, morning sickness, and heartburn. With these changes, comfort seems like a long-lost dream. But there are a few items of furniture that you could add to your bedroom to make your days and nights a bit easier. Here are some must-have items that you should know about if you are expecting a baby.

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The Right Type Of Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep when your little one is on the way is sometimes a luxury that you can’t afford. Other than the regular trips to the bathroom, the discomforts that your body goes through makes sleeping impossible. To fight insomnia, you must get the right type of sheets, including pillows, body pillows, and mattresses. But before thinking about the bedding, you must rethink the type of bed you are sleeping on. Recent technology has introduced what they call The Ultimate Japanese Bed: Akita Platform, that adds a sense of serenity to any bedroom. Japanese style beds with low-profile designs offer comfort more than regular high beds. It relieves backache and other circulation problems that come with pregnancy. Sleeping closer to the floor is proven to be better for the quality of sleep you are getting and your overall health.

Pair It With A High-Quality Mattress

Our bodies’ needs for sleep takes a whole new level during pregnancy. A worn-out and lumpy mattress will only make your insomnia worse. High-quality mattresses might seem too expensive at first, but it’s a good bargain in the long run. Most experts recommend that the type of mattress should be medium-firm with motion isolation. It’s better if you go for memory foam or latex mattresses. Both types are soft and comfortable for side sleepers which are the recommended way of sleeping during pregnancy. This step cannot be avoided if you are willing on letting your baby sleep beside you sometimes. In this case, you might need to consider getting a mattress cover for the bedtime accidents that might happen.

A Recliner

Provided comfort during the day is just as important as being comfortable during the night. A recliner is a comfortable chair or a small sofa that allows you to sit up and get up very easily. The best thing about this chair is how you can adjust the backrest to give your back the support it needs. You can also adjust and raise the footrest. This helps big time in preventing your foot from swelling. These types of chairs will say goodbye to swollen joints, poor circulation, and foot discomforts. It relaxes the body and ensures good blood circulation. Not only does the chair benefit your overall health, but it can also save you some cash when it comes to hiring a massage specialist.


After your baby finally arrives, some essential furniture items will make your life easier. The most important item that might slip off your mind is a rocking chair. Imagine that you have just fed your baby and they fell asleep in your arms; you wouldn’t want to move and wake them up. A rocking chair will provide you comfort and the ability to put your baby to sleep with little to no time. The most challenging task for mommies is to ensure that their newborns are getting enough sleep; the rocking motion is so soothing that it will make your job easier. Whether you decide to go for a rocker, armchair, or a glider, your baby and feet will thank you.

An LED Night Light Lamp

It’s not a secret that newborns wake up multiple times at night to feed or due to the distress that comes with soiling their diapers. You will need a source of light to be able to change their diapers or to look for the bottle to feed them. Babies associate strong warm light with daytime and dim white light with nighttime. It will be so difficult for your baby to fall back asleep with bright light. A night light lamp will help you big time in these situations. It would be better if you can find a night light lamp where you can adjust and control its brightness level.

A Baby Crib With A Changing Table

You might be seduced with a lot of cute baby crib options. But the most important thing to look for in any crib is the safety features. Second, comes the comfort element. Some multi-purpose cribs come with a side changing table. Make sure that you can change diapers standing up instead of bending down to prevent your back from straining. You will also find some cribs that can be unfolded into larger beds to fit your baby when they grow up instead of getting a new bed. Another essential feature in the crib is to have a firm mattress that fits the base. Ensuring that the baby is sleeping on a firm, flat surface that covers the whole base of the crib is crucial for the comfort and safety of your baby. Sometimes, the spaces between the mattress and the crib frame could lead to injury. These features might raise the price of the crib at first, but they will save you a lot of money down the road.

A Happy Mom Equals A Happy Baby

New experiences are terrifying, let alone having a baby for the first time. It’s better to start preparing your bedroom and the baby’s bedroom once you find out that you are pregnant. Following this tip will offer you peace of mind down the road when your baby is about to arrive. Caring for your comfort is just as important as caring for your baby’s comfort. You only want the best for both of you.

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