Breast Milk Sold Online: Is It Safe?

will work for breast milkBreast milk is a nutritious resource that can benefit both mother and child. Infants are vulnerable at birth and susceptible to illnesses and disease. Ensuring that they receive the proper nutrients can aid in their growth and development. While infant formulas try to mimic the vitamins and minerals present in breast milk, you’ll find it to be an insufficient substitute for a mother’s milk.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Infants are often at risk for diseases and illnesses after birth and providing them with the proper nutrients can prove beneficial. Children who are breastfed have a stronger immune system than those who are fed formula. It has also been shown to significantly reduce ear infections. Breast-feeding can also pose other health benefits later in life that include reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis. It can also be beneficial to the mom by aiding in weight loss, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis and ovarian, uterine and breast cancers. If you’re looking to strengthen the bond and promote security in your child’s life, breast-feeding can give them a strong base.

Challenges to Overcome

It can be challenging for a new mom to produce sufficient milk immediately after the baby’s birth. The nursing process can also be uncomfortable at first, however perseverance will yield rewards since breast milk has been shown to be significantly more nutritious than formula. Once the fluid begins to flow, a breast pump can be utilized to extract the liquid; this allows the new dad to share in the feedings and gives them the opportunity to bond. However, what is a parent to do when their milk supply dries up or isn’t available and you still want your infant to gain the benefits of breast milk?

Buying Breast Milk Online

Performing a quick internet search for buying breast milk results in many links to a variety of agencies and milk banks which sell it. The value of natural moms’ milk has become popular as society is moving toward food sources being more green and organic. However, many are questioning the safety of this unique practice.

Safety Concerns

Researchers have studied and put a lot of thought into determining if purchasing breast milk online is a safe practice for your infant, as many of the samples tested positive for staphylococcus. The samples also contained extremely high levels of bacteria and other forms of contamination. While most breast milk can contain some form of bacteria, you’ll find the good germs can help boost the immune system of an infant. Unfortunately, infants who are premature or have medical concerns can be placed at a higher risk for serious issues that result from ingesting bacteria of the type that can cause infection and disease.

Most of the problems stem from improper protocol when collecting, storing, and shipping the product. Hygiene was another factor that contributed to the contamination with unclean breast pumps, dirty containers and poor hygiene to be at the root. The Food and Drug Administration and pediatricians feel that breast milk purchased online is at the moment, unsafe. Until the practice is regulated and safety protocols are put in place, formula may be the safest option. So until safety is 100% guaranteed, mix that formula, kick back with baby, and relax with a pillow from which will help your baby and you to create a comfortable feeding.

[About the author: Teresa Stewart is a content specialist who enjoys learning and sharing new internet trade practices. She was surprised to learn that mothers’ milk could be found online as well as wet nurses for hire. Image]

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