Best 5 Hairstyles You Can Try For Your Child

Mornings are busy times when a mom has to jog between making breakfast for the family and convincing their children to eat some cereals and brush their teeth. In these rush hours, styling your kid’s hair is a wayside affair that is not given a priority.

In this piece, we appreciate busy parents by presenting to them some of the easiest and stylish hairstyles that they can try on their babies with the tiniest bit of an effort. Remember that your baby is growing up, and she doesn’t want to look like a weirdo among her peers.

1) Fade haircuts

The kids’ fade haircut is most appropriate for all cuts and styles on boys. A fade is referred to as a haircut that, when starting from the face, it is longer. However, it gradually becomes shorter as it tappers towards the back and sides of your baby’s head. If you have a good barber for your young boy, you could ask them to give him a skin fade. This is a style in which the bottom section of the cut is buzzed with a trimmer or completely shaved. To ensure that the hair is evenly cut, try different clipper guard sizes to achieve your desired length of hair.

If you decide to leave longer hair at the top, it should be short to medium length. You can also spike the front of the crown with some pomade gel or other creams that hold the strands together. This style is easy to maintain on your small boy as all you need are trims after every week. You also don’t have to worry about the hair type, as it is perfect for all!

2) Spiky Hairstyles

Young boys will always love when their hair looks all spiky and rebellious. Besides being easy to style, you will be happy to watch your young man looking all fashionable and stylish. What you need to achieve this look are a styling product and a comb. Once you apply the product on the damp hair, use a comb to straighten the strands upwards. Let them set while still in this position.

3) Pigtails

The pigtail style is easy to comb and make, especially when you want to send your baby outside, such as to a day-care center. The first step is partitioning your baby’s hair either from the side or in the center of the head. You should ensure that the hair runs equally at all sides. With the partitioned hair, comb it neatly all together to get a pigtail. Use a rubber band to hold this tail firmly. Repeat the same to the other side of the head.

This is an accommodating style as you can use it on round, oval, and round faces. Moreover, you can try the style on straight, thin, and wavy strands.

4) Side Single Ponytail

You don’t have to always hold your toddler’s ponytail from the center of the head. How about you give her a ponytail from the side? Breaking away from the norm will be fun for your young girl. In this style, the hair is secured on one side of the head, making it easy for the young one during outdoor activities.

The first step is by combing the hair to the preferred side, either to the left or the right, depending on what the girl is used to. Ensure that you leave some hair in the front to help in creating small bangs on her forehead. Finish the look by tying a ribbon around the ponytail. This style is recommended for the heart-shaped, long, and oval faces. Moreover, you can try the style on thin and straight hair.

5) Classic bob cut

This is a style that suits straight hair of narrow-faced toddler girls. You should first part the hair into three sections; two on the sides and one at the back. Begin by trimming the hair with Merkur safety razors from the back as you move to the front. Ensure that the hair is trimmed up to the neck level. You can now proceed to the side of the head; ensure that you leave the hair long at the front. This will leave out two hair fringes on either side of the face.

You can try this style on an oval, round, narrow, and heart-shaped face types. In addition to that, the style is only recommendable to straight and thin hair.

As a parent, you need to remember that your little angel is now a toddler, and his/her tresses should at least be given extra attention. This can be achieved by trying all the hairstyles that suit their face and hair type.

Photo by Edward Cisneros

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