3 Ways To Prepare Your Relationship For A New Baby

While bringing a new baby into your life and home can be exciting, it will also be a major transition phase for your family to have to work through. Despite how much you might love your baby and the partner that you’re raising this child with, difficult and stressful days will come, which is why it’s so important that you and your partner are ready to face these days together.

The more solid the foundation of your romantic relationship is before your baby arrives, the better your chances will be of surviving this trying period and avoiding issues that might lead to an eventual divorce in the future. To help you get to this point, here are three ways to prepare your relationship for the arrival of a new baby.

Realize That You’re Both Learning

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth baby, each experience you have raising a child will be different. Because of this, you and your partner will always be learning how things and trying to adapt to the exact situation you find yourselves in. And while you might be more lenient toward your own struggles, it’s important that you remember to allow your partner their own learning curve.

Especially for moms, Christin Perry, a contributor to The Bump, recommends that you allow dad to learn and grow on his own with the baby, just as you were able to. While you might cringe at seeing him do things differently than how you’d do them, it can be great for your relationship to take a step back and stop micromanaging.

Make Plans For Spending Quality Time Together

Once your new baby arrives, your main role will now be caring for the every need of this helpless little one. But just because you now have someone who might need you more than your partner, it’s crucial that you still find quality time to spend with one another.

Before baby is born, K. Aleisha Fetters, a contributor to, recommends that you and your partner sit down and discuss plans for spending one-on-one time together once the baby arrives. This could include things like a monthly date, a weekend away after a few months, or even just a plan for how you’ll connect with one another each day.

Learn To Support One Another In Your New Roles

Being a parent brings about big changes in a person’s life. What can make this transition easier is if you have someone on your side who’s just as committed to your success as you are.

To find this in your relationship with your partner, Stacie Degeneffe, a contributor to Psych Central, advises that you and your partner try to play an active role in the other’s self-care. Ask your partner what he or she is planning to do to care for themselves each day, and encourage them to take the time to do this on a very regular basis.

With the right preparation, you and your partner can make it through anything your new baby will throw at your relationship.

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