5 Amazing Signs That He Loves You More Than You Think

Though you might think you have your bond all figured out, it’s possible that your lover might love you more than you can imagine. If you believe that there’s something off in your relationship or you think they don’t love you as much as you love them, for instance, it might be because of misunderstanding and communication problem.

He’s the first to apologize

Guys who admire you and what you both have cannot stand being in an extended fight with you. He is willing to put aside his arrogance for you although he may be in the right something that is strangely difficult even for the best of us.

Granted, there is a moment that he is also waiting for you to apologize first. But when you do, it became clear that he wants, more than anything, to be okay with you again.

He’s very passionate

He doesn’t withhold actions or words that show that he loves you. He lets you know faithfully how much he appreciates and enjoy your presence in his life. The small things he does like wish you ‘good morning baby’ or asking about your hectic day mean that he thinks about you and does something special on this day by sending Valentine day cake to change your mood.

He seeks your support in important decisions

Big decisions concerning things like money and work no doubt require an extrinsic opinion. However, if he seeks yours above everybody else’s means that he values and respects your input. He wants your support in a difficult time that he does and sees it as important to make a good decision.

If you express doubts based on probable reasoning, he considers your view without merely declining it. A guy who appreciates what you have to say, especially concerning important decisions, shows that you play such a special role in his life that he must consult you before deciding anything.

You know almost everything about your lover’s life

Be it about his close friends, family or work; he tells you a lot of things about his life. You have met his friends and family, although they have their blemish, you are on affable terms with them. You do not wonder where he is at a given point of the day because he tells you his plans, and keeps in contact with you. Even when he’s working, he does not completely forget about you. You are so involved in his life that it becomes hard to imagine you not in it.

You are in his bright future

Above all, he sees you in his bright future. You will know when he talks about the situation that has not yet happened, and you are involved in it. Better still, he talks thoughtful commitments to you and doesn’t utter just words. A guy who wants your continuous presence in his life is certainly devoted to you. You can count on the fact he truly loves you enormously.
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