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Don’t Point That Thing at Me: 02.12.10

Be careful of kids with cameras. And never post the photos they take of you on the web.

Since I just got the word from the doctor today that I’ll be in a cast for four more weeks before I can begin to use my foot again, I was feeling blue and not so motivated to work.

I ended up looking through our family photos and finding a bunch of silly photos that my kids took of me (or posed me for a pic) and thought “What better way to get out of my funk than by poking fun at myself?”

So here ya go.

Derek MarkhamYes, I did enjoy it. I think.

Derek Markham

My kids didn’t want me to get a sunburn. Which is nice…

Derek Markham

Anyone recognize the brand of baby carrier I’m being tormented with? I think they might want to use this as a promo shot. Or not.

Derek MarkhamThis is right before I let out the primal scream of dominance. Dads do that when their kids mess with them too much.

10 Responses to Don’t Point That Thing at Me: 02.12.10

  1. My son is always taking super silly pictures of me too. Nice to know I am not the only one that plays along. love the ergo on the head we haven’t tried that one yet.

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