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5 Uses for the Space Under Your Family’s Stairwell

Everyone wishes for more space in their homes. Whether you want more storage space for your bursting closets or you need more play space for the kids, finding room for everything and everyone can be difficult. Since we can’t all afford new additions or larger houses, many people are getting more creative in finding the hidden or wasted space in their homes. One of the most innovative ideas is taking advantage of all that empty wasted space under your stairwell.

Because it is such a fundamental part of the house, many of us do not even consider all of the space that our stairs take up. No matter the size of your stairwell, there will always be a decent amount of room underneath that simply goes to waste, but this space has a lot of potential if you know how to properly utilize it. One of the key aspects of good interior design is creativity, and the best designers know how to creatively squeeze every bit of free space out of a home and put it to good use.

Even if your closets and cabinets aren’t bursting for more space, the room under your stairs can be one of the more attractive areas of your home. There is really no reason to simply let it go to waste, when there are dozens of creative and practical uses that can spruce up the home and give you more room.

Some of the ideas in this article could inspire you towards something you didn’t even know you needed. Whether you need more storage space or just a creative new area, the space under the stairs is full of great possibilities.

1.  Easy Storage

The most obvious and practical of all the uses for your empty space under the stairwell is storage. You could simply install a door and create a nice coat closet or extra space for your seasonal clothes. Building shelves could give you a great place to store more stuff or even display family photos or other things you are proud of. Install drawers to fit all the extra things that just get in the way.

2. Home Office

With computers getting smaller and needing less peripheral accessories, it is no longer necessary to dedicate an entire room to your office. The space under the stairs should be large enough for a desk and a chair to use as your home office.

3. Kids’ Playroom

The space under the stairs provides all kinds of possibilities for the kids. Simply put some toys in there, or get more creative with decorations and installations for a great playroom.

4. Home Library

One of the best uses for this space is a home library. It is simple to install a few shelves, then you can store and display all of your favorite books without taking up more space in the house.

5. Mini Bar

Among the most creative ideas for the empty space is installing a mini bar. It looks really cool and will display your creativity to all your friends when entertaining. If the mini bar is too much, the space could simply be used as a small wine storage area.

Creative Spacing

Unless you are a hopeless hoarder, you can likely use a little bit of creativity to find space for everything you need in your home. If your closets are still bursting and you still have to navigate a path through your own home, it may be time for some good junk removal services, in addition to your creative spacing.

But utilizing the empty, wasted space underneath your stairs could be the start of more creative thinking when it comes to spacing, storage and design in your home. Sometimes all it takes is a little spark for the creative juices to start flowing, and you may be able to become your own specialized interior designer.

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