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Win an Equal Exchange Fair Trade Gift Basket

When looking for gifts, I try to focus on items that are in line with my values, and Fair Trade is high on the list of desirable qualities for me. The folks over at Equal Exchange have graciously allowed me to give away a basket of mixed Fair Trade items, just in time for the holidays.

If you’re not familiar with Equal Exchange, they are “supporting a more equitable world through Fair Trade, small-farmer co-operatives, and great tasting products.” They have excellent coffee and chocolate, plus tea, cocoa, and some Fair Trade nuts and berries, plus some other fun gifts as well.

The Fair Trade Mixer Gift Basket includes a variety of Equal Exchange products in a fairly traded kaisa grass basket from Dhaka Handicrafts, a non-profit that works to improve the lives of children and rural families in Bangladesh. In the basket is: 10oz Organic French Roast Coffee, 12oz Organic Hot Cocoa Mix, an Organic Very Dark Chocolate bar, an Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds bar, an Organic Milk Chocolate with a Hint of Hazelnut bar, 5oz of Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds, and 5oz of Roasted Salted Pecans. Yum!

Until December 15, the Gift Basket is on sale for $47 (regularly $55) – this would make a great gift for the holidays, and maybe introduce your loved ones to the concept of Fair Trade at the same time! If that isn’t the thing for you, you can find other fair trade gifts that support small-scale farmers, ranging from $27-$75. If you order online from Equal Exchange, you’ll get 10% off your order and free shipping on orders over $75.  Use the coupon code “giftme10” during checkout to take advantage of these savings (coupon expires 12/31/09).

And now the part you’re really waiting for: the giveaway!

In order to enter to win, you need to leave a comment on this post telling me if you regularly purchase Fair Trade products, and if so, where you purchase them, and why you choose to do so. If you don’t, that’s o.k., just leave a comment telling me why you don’t, and what would convince you to do so in the future. The last chance to enter to win is Monday, Dec. 7th, at midnight. I will be picking a commenter at random on Tuesday morning, and the winner should have the basket in time for the holidays.

[Update – I picked a random comment with and Shanyne is the winner of the basket! Thank you all for commenting and for reading Natural Papa!]

[Disclaimer from Equal Exchange: All shipments are sent via United Parcel Service (UPS). Orders will be shipped within the contingent United States only. We do not ship to PO/APO/FPO’s, American Samoa, Guam, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands.]

31 Responses to Win an Equal Exchange Fair Trade Gift Basket

  1. I regularly purchase fair trade items, coffee, chocolate are two of the biggest, I buy them at my local natural foods store. I purchase equal exchange there also.

    I also shop fair trade online at for clothing made in India by coop of women and I support my local fair trade store:

    and… also some of the products I sell, have the first, certified organic, fair trade shea butter in them.

    Love equal exchange, I’ve been buying coffee and chocolate from them for years.

  2. I buy Fair Trade coffee from various local coffee shops because I like to support local businesses & sustainably grown foods. Additionally, coffee farmers work very hard and I want to help directly support those who grow the food (& drink!) I so much enjoy.

  3. I do when it is feasible to do so in my budget, most often this is with tea. I usually purchase them from a coop I belong to and from whole foods, though I have started seeing more in my local grocery store, awesome!

  4. I get a bit of Fair Trade coffee in my food co-op as well as @ some local coffee shops. Fair Trade gifts come from my local PlowSharing Crafts store – conveniently located down the street from my fave concert venue :o)

  5. I buy Fair Trade because it allows farmers, workers and families the opportunity to earn a living wage, have safer working conditions, honor their indigenous culture, and retain their dignity. I believe we can create a more just and equitable world by using the power of our spending dollars to support companies who do not exploit people. I really like Ten Thousand Villages, and I love Equal Exchange ~*~

  6. I get my fair trade stuff from Costco as well. Best sugar ever comes in a big green bag. 🙂 I love how FT/EE stuff is better for our bodies.

  7. Yes of course! I try to only purchase fair trade coffee and chocolate, as these are two industries where fair trade is KEY. Doesn’t matter where, in Portland there are plenty of stores that offer fair trade options.

  8. I buy the Equal Exchange chocolate bars all the time at our local grocery. Would love to try out the other items, I haven’t seen the nuts or the hot cocoa before.

  9. I have been buying FT for about 8 years: chocolate, coffee, and sugar as well as clothing, jewelry and gifts. I have worked at a fair trade store as well as having sold fair trade products at myself. It is an ethical commitment on my part to live my values of creating a just and sustainable global community. I currently buy FT at my chuch (chocolate) and at several local stores: a small independant grocer, a green general store, and a 10,000 Villages FT store. I also buy FT at other places when shopping (although I rarely shop elsewhere).

  10. I do buy fairtrade sometimes. I’m on a very tight budget and don’t get to pick up the best all of the time but i do occassionally.

  11. Sometimes I buy Fair trade products but not necessarily all the time. The best FT coffee I have ever had I purchased at an Earth Day Event. If I had two items in front of me and they both had similar ingredients and were somewhat comparable in price I would purchase the FT item. I try to shop locally at farmers markets as much as I can because I want to support local farmers and their produce is so much fresher than the grocery store!

  12. I try very hard to purchase items that are grown locally and organically. But there are always those special things that I can’t get around: coffee, spices, chocolate. In those instances, I choose items from fair trade growers committed to organic food practices, even if it means paying more for them. If I’m not willing to put my money where my mouth is, I can’t possibly need it that badly.

  13. We purchase as many fair trade and organic items as we can. We’re very conscious of what we buy. However, our budget dictates how often we can purchase those items. Some months we’ll be able to buy our favorites and some months we have to settle for less. But we always try.

    There are things we don’t make exceptions on. We never settle for less when it comes to what we feed our pets, including treats. And we always use eco-friendly litter, poo pickup bags, etc. Since they have little choice in what they get, we make sure we do the best for them and their health. It’s cost effective in the long run, as we avoid vet bills and most eco products last longer.

    We would like to get to a point where we purchase all local, fair trade, organic, or grown ourselves. Someday! In the meantime, every purchase we can make, we do. That’s the great thing about going green. If you can’t do it all the time, you can still do what you can and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  14. I buy fair trade chocolate… and sometimes coffee- but I am not a big coffee drinker these days. Although I like to buy “fair trade” items at my local coop/ healthfood stores, I kind of wish that such labels weren’t needed- it be nice to if all people and products were treated right without needing it to be a “specialty” item.

    This is a wonderful giveaway though… thanks for the offer!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..What’s Happening Wednesday =-.

  15. I buy fair trade products at Ten Thousand Villages. I like buying fair trade because I know I can feel good about where it comes from. I like to buy fair trade chocolate.

  16. It is great to see so many people that believe in Fair trade, I also buy from equal exchange and always looking for more great companies.

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