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Review: iClever BoostSound BTS09 Bluetooth speaker

Remember back in the day, when you only had your choice of a home stereo, a boombox, or a personal portable device with headphones (a Walkman for us older folks, or an MP3 player for you young’uns) to play your music on?

The virtual explosion in rechargeable portable speakers has now made it possible to play tunes almost anywhere you go, and the inclusion of Bluetooth wireless technology in speakers has allowed us to be pretty much untethered when it comes to playing music from them.

Of course, that’s not really news to you, but what might be news is that you no longer have to endure a tinny sound quality or limited volume from a portable music system, because the latest breeds of wireless speakers has really taken it up a notch in terms of quality, while still keeping it affordable as well.

I’ve been using an iClever BoostSound BTS09 Bluetooth speaker as my daily choice for listening to music, usually streamed wirelessly from Pandora on my phone, but also sometimes via a wired connection on an older laptop without Bluetooth, and I’m quite impressed with this device. It’s loud enough to really be able to rock out when I want to, but has great sound quality even at low volumes, and it’s got a really nice bass end to it, which is something that’s often missing with smaller speakers. Of course if you don’t know what to buy you can always use the guide to the best pa speakers online.

The iClever BTS09 also looks great, as it breaks free from the boxy designs that many Bluetooth speakers have these days, and while it’s more of a house- or office-sized speaker, not one that you’d throw in your bag to take with you (although you certainly could), it has other features that can come in handy as a small home stereo. First, it has an AUX cord input as well, so you can plug it directly into older devices, and second, it can be used as a hands-free accessory for phone calls, and third, it also includes a dimmable LED backlight, which adds a little bit of style to after-hours listening.

The iClever BTS09 runs on a 4000 mAh internal battery, which is capable of 8 hours of playback time on a 2 hour charge (via a micro-USB port), has manual buttons on top for adjusting the volume or skip tracks (also controllable via whatever device is controlling the speaker), and the Bluetooth antenna can pick up transmissions as far as 30+ feet away.

This wireless speaker is available on Amazon for $99 $69 on sale, and comes with an 18-month warranty. Check it out for yourself here: iClever BoostSound BTS09 20W Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


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