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Turnip the beets, learn how to make kimchi

formidable-vegetable-sound-systemEven if you don’t carrot all about fermented veggies, Formidable Vegetable Sound System will rock your kitchen with their ‘glitch-permaculture-ukulele-wonk-swing.’

I first encountered this group back in 2011, through their song “No Such Thing As Waste,” and back in January, I shared the group’s ‘ecological electroswing’ celebration of soil here, titled “You Are What You Eat.”

The perma-pop band is getting ready to release a new album called “Grow Do It” on September 2nd, but for those who find songs about veggies a-peeling, and who have bean wait a long thyme to start grooving to olive this new consciousness-raisin music, here’s a taste of what to expect (along with some kimchi instructions):

Watch the video here: Lettuce turnip the beets with an electro-swing ode to kimchi

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