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EpiPencil: The $30 DIY version of the EpiPen ($600)

epipenFeeling the pinch of the recent EpiPen price hike? Here’s one possible solution.

Chances are, we all probably know at least one person who has potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to experiences that the rest of us just shrug off, such as a bee sting, and although there is a fairly simple remedy for many of these allergic reactions – the EpiPen, which makes it easy for even an untrained individual to inject a dosage of epinephrine – the recent news of an outrageous price hike for the EpiPen may keep many people from carrying one.

A self-described group of “pharma hackers” has a solution, at least for the DIY crowd, with its design of the EpiPencil. Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is “dedicated to providing access to everyone” so that life-changing (life-saving) medicines can be available to those who would normally be locked out of access because of lack of funds.

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Image: Vu Nguyen

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