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Build your own earthbag house for $11.50/sq ft

earthbag-roundhouseLooking for a DIY construction technique for building your own affordable earthquake-, flood-, and bullet-resistant home? Look no further.

There are a lot of variations of designs for homes built with earth, from Mike Oehler’s classic $50 underground house to rammed earth and adobe, but earthbag construction appears to be one of the most economical options that lends itself easily to DIY construction. When I was traveling in Australia, I met some expert home builders in Perth, they were talking about this type of project, joking that they could build 6 in a day. Since then I’ve been thinking about one. Granted, there’s a lot of ‘sweat equity’ required to build one (though probably not nearly as much as an Earthship), but the finished product is considered to be not only earthquake- and flood-resistant, but also bullet-proof, which is something to consider when building your apocalypse-proof dwelling.

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