Get Inked: How Squids Are Changing the Dental Industry

Get Inked: How Squids Are Changing the Dental Industry

One San Diego nano-engineer has created a potential solution meant to prevent painful dental appointments. But it’s a bit unique — instead of requiring dentists to poke around using metal instruments in their search for gum disease, it requires patients to swirl a cupful of squid ink around their mouths. Read more

I Believe: 8.26.08

I believe: Instant is not. Democracy only works for the majority. A siesta is a wonderful thing. Any diet that requires a special shake or powder is not going to work. Home equity loans help you to keep paying for your house. Saying “I heard it on NPR” afterwards does not make it a fact.… Read more

Army Vaccine Scientist Behind Anthrax Attacks? The Cover-up Continues.

Anthrax Attacks and Army Vaccine Scientists: Suicides, Cover-ups, Obfuscation and Lies. N.Y. Times: Anthrax Inquiry N.Y. Times: Documents Tied to Attacks Related articles by Zemanta Documents Link Ivins to Anthrax Attacks Scientist claimed terrorists had anthrax U.S. anthrax probe to close after suspect’s death Judge OKs release of anthrax documents Read more

7.13.08 Weekend Update and Link Love

Photo of my wife’s bonnets for sale at the farmers market. She has a booth with several mama friends, selling handmade items, like crocheted hats, felted toys, natural play dough, and a vegetarian recipe “book” called Karuna Kitchen. They call themselves the Wooly Mamas. Go mamas! Yes, I’ve missed a few days of posting… I… Read more

10 Things I Always Have With Me

Here’s my trusty bag, with the 10 things I always have with me sitting in front. If I’m taking the kids with me someplace, my bag holds at least 5 times this amount of stuff. Rain shell, water bottle, bandanna, flash drive with rubber chicken, tea-tree toothpicks, Moleskine notebook, bike tool, flat repair kit, first… Read more