Hypnosis Is A Great Natural Birth Preparation Strategy

Hypnosis Is A Great Natural Birth Preparation Strategy

The rates of medical intervention for childbirth in the U.S. are well over 50%.  Epidural rates are closer to 75%.  It is fairly clear that most women choose drugs for childbirth because they believe it has to be painful and too overwhelming for them to handle on their own. Perhaps it is presumptuous to say… Read more

Couple to Live-Stream their Waterbirth

Known only as “Shawna & Ernie”, these parents are sharing the birth of their daughter, a waterbirth planned at the AquaNatal Birth Center, with the world via live internet video streaming. Their baby is “due” on or around May 24th. Read more

Name Those Breasts

Thought you were going to see some boobs here, didn’t ya? Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t that type of blog… However, we are going to talk about breasts. Read more

Natural Pregnancy: 3 Nurturing Tips for New Dads

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! I heard that saying many times before I saw the truth in it. When a woman is pregnant and her body is working overtime, she’ll love you for taking the time to nurture her. A lot of new dads don’t really understand the changes that are happening to… Read more