5 Awesome School & Club Fundraising Ideas for Dads

5 Awesome School & Club Fundraising Ideas for Dads

Carving out quality time might not require schedule or lifestyle changes as drastic as you think. Setting aside a few hours for an essential activity like raising money for your kids’ extracurricular activities or community groups is a great way to fortify your most cherished relationships. Read more

KaBOOM! Play Days: Win a $10,000 Playground Improvement Grant

Playing, especially outside, is one of the most important things for kids (and adults) to do regularly. My family is pretty fortunate in that we have a nice backyard and a park right across the street from us. But many families aren’t so fortunate. According to KaBoom!, almost 60% of kids don’t have a playground within… Read more

Host a Gear & Tool Swap, Clean Out the Garage

I’ll admit it, I have a tool problem. And an outdoor gear problem. My problem is that I don’t have the money to just purchase new stuff all the time. I don’t mean new as in brand new, just new to me. My vices are hand tools and bike parts, but I find that I… Read more

Meet a Few of My Community of Awesome People

I’m surrounded by talented people, and I want to highlight a few of my community members that are pursuing their passions and inspiring me to think bigger about my own projects. Each of these people are trying to follow their muse and make the world a better place, and I think that’s an admirable goal.… Read more